What a week!

You know a lot of people have been saying that lately! Not only  what a week, what a month! What a year! It would be tempting to look at our situations right now and be completely focused on our pain and suffering, especially those who have been ill with the virus, or lost a job, confined to home, and possibly even the dreaded homeschooling (obviously I am joking). We typically look at circumstances form a perspective of how they have a direct or immediate impact on us. We might be tempted to complain about how our lives have been disrupted and our routines have been interrupted.

I am reminded of a time we were traveling on the interstate coming out of Knoxville in route to Myrtle Beach and we came upon  a significant, bumper to bumper, traffic jam. It was tempting to get frustrated and angry that we had been robbed of our precious vacation time and become furious at those who were responsible for the chaos. All of the sudden a small voice of reason spoke to me and said, “do you remember when you were late leaving the gas station to get on the interstate, that fifteen minute delay may have saved you and your family’s life!” If that did not make me feel bad enough, another small voice said,” typically when there is a traffic jam like this on the interstate another family is suffering because someone, or all of them have been killed in a wreck.” At this point in the trip, I was thinking maybe we should just go back home and try again next year!

On Monday, after Palm Sunday when Jesus entered Jerusalem to the praises “Hosanna” he wept because this was the beginning of the week before being crucified on the cross where he would satisfy redemption for mans sin. Monday was the day where we would say, “I think I am going to need any extra cup of coffee today.” Mark records in his gospel, “He said (Jesus), ‘Is it not written; My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations? ‘But you have made it a den of robbers”. Jesus had entered the temple court and the those who were selling the items used in worship were abusing the people by grossly overcharging people. This passage has been abused in many business meetings, I am sure to make the point that a church should not sale books, eight track tapes, cassette tapes, records, t-shirts, and now cd’s. That can be true if they are being grossly overcharged. Remember the day prior to this, Jesus was weeping in humility over the condition of the people, Monday he is exercising his authority as sovereign. Was he doing this just to show everyone that he is in charge? I think not! I think  he was instructing, teaching, and “cleansing” the temple court in preparation for what was about to take place. Was he thinking about himself and what he was going to experience in just a few short days, probably not as much as he was getting rid of the spiritual baggage that needed to be dealt with.

Recently someone reminded me of the song,” when he was on the cross, I was on his mind.” That is a humbling thought! Jesus, when he could have been selfish and focused on what was going to happen to himself, was focused on us and what he could do to redeem us. Monday does not seem so bad after all, does it?



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