“It’s what’s behind you that gets you!

“It’s what’s behind you that gets you!” That is what one of my partners said that I worked on patrol with. I am not sure he knew how profound that statement was! I was in the office one day and Randy and my Sergeant Jake,  called and asked me to work a wreck. I said, “You are already out, why don’t you work the wreck! ” Randy said, ” Because we are in the wreck!” I paused for a moment and said,” why didn’t you just say so?” Then he responded,” That’s what I have been trying to do!” A tractor trailer ran into the back of the patrol car and the Sergeant hit his head on the back of the cage and was a bit raddled.  I took Randy’s statement and asked what happened and he said,” All I know is I looked in the rear view mirror and all I could see was the big tractor trailer slamming into the back of us and Serge’s head bouncing off the cage like a pinball machine.” Every time after that when we rode somewhere together, Randy would always say, ” you better look in the rear-view mirror, that’s the one that gets you.”

The Apostle Paul said,” If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins.” (1Cor. 15:17) That is the significance of the resurrection for the believer. The past that holds many of us back has been erased by the resurrection. What is behind us is no longer a threat to us. What Randy said is often true of us, it is that which is behind us that does the most damage to our faith. Either we cannot forgive ourselves our we think that Christ cannot forgive us. The resurrection cancels that debt out, so if we refuse to believe that Christ was resurrected, then our faith is worthless and we are guilty of what is behind, what is present, and what is in front of us. Simply put, there is no hope! If we believe that Christ was resurrected, we can have the assurance that our sin debt has been cancelled and we do not have to worry about our past. For many people the past keeps them from moving forward to what God wants for them in the future. If we understand theimportance of the resurrection the way that Paul was instructing in this passage we can forgive ourselves, because Christ was crucified, buried, and resurrected so that our faith is not futile but is full of hope!



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