Stay In Your Lane!

Stay in your lane!

I bet you have never said that before! Or have you ever been told that? Driving on the road these days is like driving on roads with no lanes. Every go where they want to get where they need to. Of course, I do not have this problem. My days on patrol taught me to exercise patience when driving and always obey they the laws while using proper etiquette on the road. Ha, you know me better than that! In Western society and culture, we have become so informed through the world wide web, that we have expert knowledge in all areas of life. For instance, many people believe it is the law that a law enforcement officer is required to allow you to drive a certain number of miles per hour over the speed limit. For example, people often believe that by law they can drive 9 or 10 mph over the posted speed limit. Just saying, if that is your belief, “let me know how that works out for you?”

To be such an informed society, how is it that we and the media are so mis informed much of the time? I see this in all areas of life. People who have never been trained to pastor a church often value the insight of those who have never been trained to lead a church above that of one who has. People on social media who have no medical knowledge, all the sudden no more than the doctors and nurses. Just ask me, I will tell you! I have braggingly said that I have read about and watched enough surgeries that I honestly believe I can perform some basic procedures. Who wants to be my first patient? I recently decided to take a temporary retreat from social media since I was getting caught up in the trap of getting out of my lane. I have read posts where people with no legal training were citing case laws like they were constitutional lawyers. We are blessed to have several tradesmen in our church. They are a great asset. I can assure you they do not call me for advice on how to engineer construction projects or bid on jobs. It is not because they do not value me in any way, it is simply because that is not my lane.

I will offer an opinion here. Journalists, which I am not one, have what is called opinion columns. In these articles, they express opinions based on informed influences, but they are not meant to be factual, or in our case, thus sayeth the Lord. Here it goes, social media has become a forum for everyone to be an expert on every subject, even the ones outside of their lanes. I am guilty of this, that is why I needed a retreat. I realized my frustrations were ultimately because I was involving myself in conversations that were outside of my lane. People are passionate being in other people’s lanes also. if you have been on social media you know what I am talking about. There are more heated discussions between people, more concerning, between Christian brothers and sisters than ever before. We have come a long way from Martin Luther pinning his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg to spark a discussion on the abuses of the Catholic church. This is always masked between the brothers and sisters as healthy discussions. As Jed Clampett would say, “What in tarnation?” That will not fly. Enticing a brother or sister folks to lose their temper is sin, not healthy discussion. I know that humility goes a long way in the Christian life. Philippians 2:12 talks about the humility of Christ, how He emptied himself. We will do well to take a dose of humility here in the good old USA, more importantly in the church. I have learned a few lessons in my life so far, one is when you get in the wrong lane, you are in danger of getting hit, possibly head on. Let us set the example, not just in social media, but in all areas of life, and stay in the right lane. Christ said there was only one lane to travel in, His lane is exclusively the way. (John 14:6)


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