Does God Care About the World?

Does God Care About the World?

Does God care about the world? This seems to be a very humanistic question at first glance. The reality is that it is a question for people of all faiths, beliefs, and ideologies are asking during this turbulent time.  The question can be complex if we make it to be like many do, but it can also be answered by simple a following a biblical method of using scripture to interpret scripture. The first presupposition that a Christian should start with when answering this or any other question concerning God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit or Christianity in general is that the answer is found in the Bible. After creating the world, heavens and the earth, God looked at His creation and said, “it was very good”. (Gen. 1:31) Before we get the bighead, God did not look at humans as good because we did anything special, but because He did a magnificent job in creation. This is our first investigative clue to answer our question.

Second, even after the fall of man in Genesis 3 and the flood that covered the earth in Genesis 7, God continued His plan of redemption. There are no reasons for God to feel compelled or obligated to redeem mankind after all the idolatry we have committed. This is our next investigative clue. Typically, if there is no level of love for something, there is no attempt to salvage it. Third, we see God discipling His people throughout the Bible. We only discipline those we love because we want the best for them. The same is said of God. The Bible describes a God who loves and disciplines the children He has plans for. (Heb. 12:7: Rev. 3:19) The investigation appears to be leaning in one direction and it is in the direction that God does care about the world.

The investigation is moving from one about God caring for the world to God loving the world. Does God love everything about the world? If He loves the world at all, He probably does not love everything about what the world has become. The most cited verse says that “God so loved the world” (John 3:16), which we understand this to mean the cosmos, not necessarily all the cultural, sinful, and worldly parts of it, just the original creative parts. Paul states that “God demonstrated His love for us” (Romans 5:8), assuming that there is love present for the people that Paul is writing to in Romans. Paul goes on in Romans to say that nothing can separate the people of God from His love. (Romans 8:39) The mounting evidence is that God cares for the world and loves the world. The first part of this is investigation is critical if we want to answer this question with evidential support, not just opinion, the presupposition that the Bible is the source of information for the believer. The world as whole will never see that the Bible is admissible in court, but we Christians must use it as the divinely appointed word of God for truth.

The next time someone asks us that question, these verses should be a good starting point for a conversation about God’s love. The question will always turn in the direction of why a loving God would allow suffering in the world that He loves so much. The answer to that question is also found in the Bible. In a few brief sentences, we can summarize that by looking at a couple of texts that we referenced previously. Texts like Gen. 3, Gen. 7, and the many letters in the New Testament to the churches that were disobedient to God’s word.  These verses and many more put the responsibility back on us, not on God for the suffering in the world. Romans 6 tells us that the wages of sin are death. In a sense that is a physical and spiritual death, regardless, it shows us that there are consequences for our sin. That is an article for another day. Let us take comfort in knowing that God does care for us and love us according to His word to us. His Special Revelation has revealed that to us, and we should count that a privilege and an honor. That is a good basis for worship!



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