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Does God Care About the World?

Does God Care About the World? Does God care about the world? This seems to be a very humanistic question at first glance. The reality is that it is a question for people of all faiths, beliefs, and ideologies are asking during this turbulent time.  The question can be complex if we make it to […]

Somewhere over the rainbow!

Somewhere over the rainbow! What exactly is it we truly expect to find at the end of this, well it is not a rainbow, but at the end of covid- 19? I have the strange feeling that things are not going to be the way they were before this began when our team was in […]

Stay In Your Lane!

Stay in your lane! I bet you have never said that before! Or have you ever been told that? Driving on the road these days is like driving on roads with no lanes. Every go where they want to get where they need to. Of course, I do not have this problem. My days on […]

What a week!

You know a lot of people have been saying that lately! Not only  what a week, what a month! What a year! It would be tempting to look at our situations right now and be completely focused on our pain and suffering, especially those who have been ill with the virus, or lost a job, […]

Jesus knows suffering!

Out of all of the people in history there is one that stands out above the rest that understands suffering, Jesus. Mark records: They brought Jesus to the place called Golgotha….And they crucified him. (Mark 15:22, 24) Many people are suffering while I am typing this as a result of Covid-19.  Through history man has […]